Rethinking Restaurants: Meet Amanda Cohen at the Choco Webinar

Choco Webinar Amanda Cohen

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Rethinking Restaurants is the Choco webinar series for all restaurants in the US. This was a tough year for the restaurant industry and we want to support chefs & restaurant owners by providing them with useful insights & tools from industry leaders

This series is hosted by Choco in collaboration with Arlene Stein from Terroir Talk, and it’s divided into three sessions, each of them focusing on a different topic and held by an expert in the subject.

Accessing Government Funding is the first session of Rethinking Restaurants, the Choco free webinar series for all restaurants in the US.

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The introductory part of the webinar series will focus on understanding practices and tools to provide your restaurant with financial support, from requirements and ways to access government funding, to the best tips to make use of them.⁠

Speaker of the session: Amanda Cohen (Founder & Chef of Dirt Candy restaurant and Founder of the Independent Restaurant Coalition).

Amanda Cohen Independent Restaurant Coalition IRC New York Chef

Amanda Cohen is the chef & owner of Dirt Candy , the award-winning vegetable restaurant on New York City’s Lower East Side. The restaurant’s original location only had 18 seats and was open for six years. During this time, it became the first vegetarian restaurant in 17 years to receive two stars from the New York Times, was recognized by the Michelin Guide five years in a row, and won awards from Gourmet Magazine, the Village Voice, and many others. Amanda was the first vegetarian chef to compete on Iron Chef America and her comic-cookbook “Dirt Candy: A Cookbook” is the first graphic novel cookbook to be published in North America. The book is currently in its fourth printing.

Amanda Cohen is also the founder of the Independent Restaurant Coalition, the organization fighting to save local restaurants in NYC affected by COVID-19 by providing information & tools for economic assistance.

Meet Chef Amanda Cohen at Rethinking Restaurants (Accessing Government Funding), live on Tuesday, September 22nd at 11:00 am (EST)

We invite all restaurants in the US to join this event! Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to meet the speakers.

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